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Uncle Lloyd and 2006 Family Picnic Photos

More Family Picnic Photos 2006

Good-bye Aunt Edith

Aunt Edith's Family page 2

Rib Cook off!

Family Picnic 2007

Sad to report.. that this week, we loss Cousin Carol (Millburn) Robinson of Columbus, Georgia.

Uncle Glen has Moved to Chatham!

Chatham Retirement Resort @ Spa
25 Keil Dr N  #W170   
Chatham, ON  N7L 5J9

He is doing absolutely fantastic there!


Thank you to all that came to the Family Picnic...2007 it's was fun and super to see all of you out!

This year's  Family Picnic

 Sunday August 17th/08

Hope to see 

 all of you and your kids!

photo above

Aunt Sis, Aunt Elise and Aunt Edith

We are Family!!


It was great to see everyone, at the picnic..and thanks for making it such a super day.

check out some photos from the picnic on the next page


Please add your family photos and upcoming events..

Let's stay in touch!

Family Picnic is booked for the third Sunday in August ....plan for 2008!

Bring your picnic needs..and 2 dishes to share for the family style dinner

Bring your family photo albums...and get caught up on everyone's busy lives

Same place....Kingston Park ( Paxton Dr.)

off St. Clair St. Chatham

See you and your family at Noon

eating at 1pm


Share this newsletter with the rest of our Robbins family

please email me photos of you and your family for this site.

Have a safe summer!